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August 2, 2017
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What I found sad about that short conversation was the immediate response of, “Manny, we can’t do that!” “How can we possibly stop our marketing efforts?” To this, I understood that “marketing” had to continue, regardless of results or lack thereof. “Marketing” must go on, perhaps to justify expenditures and show someone that we are doing something, and that the decrease in revenue, or sales, or units, or enrollments is not our fault. Could it be there is a year-end budget fear? That fear that if we don’t spend what we said we would, then next year’s budget will be shorter? Can’t have that, now can we?

Could it be that we really don’t have a clue about marketing and how it works and what it should do and how it should do all things it does? Well, now it’s time for you to fight back. You can design, print, and mail full-color glossy pizza menus directly to customers around your restaurant, just like the big chains do. Even better, for just pennies per menu, you can purchase first-rate malaysia graphic design company services and the same print quality used by mega-corporations.

3) Copy and paste the javascript code that is provided by BlinkList into your site If you did the above, you would have a section on your site that would constantly show the latest graphic design tutorial that people are discovering online.

Setup a blog about something that you’re passionate about, and start writing. It could be a blog simply about yourself. I’m sure your on Facebook and maybe even Twitter. Your making small posts on their I’m sure use your blog to write these posts also but go into graphic design tutorial more detail about what you’re talking about.

Now when you look at the cost of something it no longer looks like it is worth the amount you are paying for it because the price is no longer based on logic. In most cases, the price of products or services these days are based on what the seller can get away with rather than on how much it costs to produce or how much in demand it is. Online graphic design services are usually no different in this matter.

To start with, it’s always helpful to head to the internet. Finding tutorials that you can follow step by step is an excellent way to learn and utilize new techniques. You might also start to see how the same techniques can be used in different ways for unique results. If you follow a design tutorial that you used on the internet, don’t include it in your portfolio. Rather, take those techniques and come up with a result that is completely your own. Use the tutorial as a source of inspiration. Another hands on approach to this is to find designs that you admire and then try to recreate the effect without any step by step guidance.

Once you’ve put these powerful tools into motion, keep a eye on your rankings and your website statistics to see what’s working and what isn’t. Take a breath before you get back to your enormous to-do list. Congratulate yourself for being ahead of the game. After all, up to 70 percent of small businesses are still without a web presence. Take some pride in building your business in a global market.

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