Wholefoods are slammed by food for food security violations that are ‘serious’

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April 21, 2016
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June 24, 2016
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The FDA said inspectors discovered things, including egg salad, mushroom quesadillas, pesto pasta and couscous, in places where condensate that was leaking from a doorway, the ceiling, and a condenser fan.

Inspectors also noted that filthy water was splashed by workers on vegetables that were uncovered and utensils, neglected to wash their hands and exposed cleaning liquids. But the FDA says it’s not filled with Whole Foods’ answer.

FDA has serious concerns our researchers found your company working the June 8 letter states. We don’t consider your answer okay because you did not supply documentation for our review, which shows that all of your corrective actions that are known have already been efficiently executed.

The bureau said it needs Whole Foods to submit documentation like work orders, and photos, invoices to show that it’s repaired the problems that its inspectors discovered.

Whole Foods didn’t promptly react to your request for opinion.

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