Villar vows to drive for food market competition

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June 16, 2016
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August 22, 2016
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cynthia villar

Senator Cynthia Villar vowed to push for prescription that would improve the state’s food sector competitiveness, mentioning its enormous possibility to help spur economic growth.

In my capacity as a legislator, I would like to add to those impetuses which will create development and additional growth in agriculture and food through various prescription, Villar said in a statement.

These prescription, she said, would make businesses and Filipino food entrepreneurs internationally competitive.

We actually have lots of great things going in the Philippine agriculture sector the increase of the food industry significantly affects at the same time.

As chairperson of the Senate committee on food and agriculture, Villar said she attended various food occasions in Rome, Venice, and Germany and went on official trips. She said it was the state’s 18th involvement at Anuga. Villar said Philippine pavilion also featured total of 35 food-exporting firms, represented by over 96 delegates in the food sector.

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